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AND MEE 1day WAFFLE (10 lenses)

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AND MEE, natural 1-day colored contacts, using different variations of brown♡

Shades of light and dark brown.
For eyes with a three-dimensional effect.

※ If the prescriptions of both eyes are different, please purchase products for each eye separately.

Product features:

Duration of use Single use (one-time disposable)
Diameter (DIA) 14.5 mm
BC (Base curve) 8.6mm
Prescription ±0.00~ -10.00
Water content 55.0%
UV Absorption Rate UV-A blocked up to 50%, UV-B blocked up to 95%
Number of lenses (1 box) 10 lenses per box
Manufacturer and distributor Yung Sheng Optical Co., Ltd.
Distributors ASIA NETWORKS Co.,Ltd.
Approval number 23000BZX00223000
Outer color diameter 13.7mm

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