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OvE 1 CATCHLIGHT LENS 1day (10 lenses)

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OvE does not just make your pupil look bigger, like conventional natural-color lens does. Instead, OvE’s color design magnifies light, bringing out the natural beauty of the eye from its core. These daily contacts' innovative design captures light, producing a luminous eye that sparks beauty from the inside.  

【OvE 1】
Bright as if you had a reflector on your eyes.
Beautiful lively eyes, shining as if they had a reflector posed over them.
The lens’ asymmetrical and intricate design accentuates the brightness in your eyes, making them look glossier as they move.
Capturing every source of light, both natural and artificial, OvE 1 provides brightness and moisture to your eyes.

※ If the prescriptions of both eyes are different, please purchase products for each eye separately.

Product Details

Duration of use Single use (one-time disposable)
Diameter (DIA) 14.2 mm
Soft contact lens Classification GROUP I
BC (Base curve) 8.6 mm
Center Thickness 0.06 mm
Prescription 0.00,-0.50 ~-6.00 (0.25 steps)-6.50 ~-10.00 (0.5 steps)
Water content 38%
Name of material 2-HEMA, MAA, EGDMA
UV Absorption Rate UV-A (Wave growth: 316-380nm) transmittance: Less than 50% UV-B (Wave growth: 280 ~ 315nm) transmittance: less than 5%
Oxygen permeability coefficient・DK Value 13.5×10 -11 (cm2/sec)・(mL O2/ mL×mmHg)
Number of lenses (1 box)  10 lenses per box
Manufacturer and distributor Yung Sheng Optical Co., Ltd.
Distributors ANW Co.,Ltd.
Approval number 22900BZX00217000
Outer color diameter 13.0 mm


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