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TOPARDS 1day Honey Amber (10 lenses)

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TOPARDS, produced by Japanese singer and actress Rino Sashihara♡
These color contacts have been conceived for those women who want to enhance their beauty. The brand name is inspired by the precious stone TOPAZ. While evoking the word for this gem (along with other words like friendship and hope), we have put our thoughts for supporting and brightening the ones who wear our contacts
With colors that blend perfectly in your eyes and are easy to use every day, these lenses will make your look glittering and translucent, just like jewels with a delicate design.

Honey Amber
Natural lenses which can be used freely every day.
This bright brown color will make your eyes look glaring and beaming.
These lenses have a see-through dotted pattern, which you can wear casually while giving an effortlessly natural impression.

※ If the prescriptions of both eyes are different, please purchase products for each eye separately.

Product features:

Duration of use Single use (one-time disposable)
Diameter (DIA) 14.2 mm
BC (Base curve) 8.6 mm
Prescription ±0.00~ -10.00
Water content 38.0%
UV Absorption Rate UV-A blocked up to 75%, UV-B blocked up to 99%
Number of lenses (1 box)  10 lenses per box
Manufacturer and distributor Pia Corporation INC.
Distributors Pia Corporation INC.
Approval number 22400BZX00427000
Outer color diameter 13.3 mm


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