First time contact lens users




Contact lenses are highly controlled medical devices. In order to protect your eyes, please make sure to use them in a right way, according to an ophthalmologist's instructions. 


Please get your eyes checked regularly.

Even if you do not have any problem wearing contact lenses and do not have any symptoms, it is still possible to have an eye disease before noticing it or to wear contact lenses with a bad power for your eyes. So please make sure to receive regular eyes examinations to protect your eyes.


If you feel any abnormality, please get an ophthalmologist’s examination immediately.

Before wearing the contact lenses, make sure that there are no hyperaemia or rheum in your eyes. After wearing the lenses,you should check whether there is some foreign body sensation or pain. If you feel an abnormality, even slight, please go to see an ophthalmologist. 
Don’t forget to read the attached document and use contact lenses according to the handling method and the wearing time indicated.


The attached document states that you must observe the use of contact lens.

Read it to the end and understand how to handle it before using it. The wearing time depends on how many days you spend to get used to the lens and also on the condition of the eyes that differs from a person to another. Follow the instructions of the attached document and of your ophthalmologist, and choose a correct wearing time that suits you.


Adhere strictly to the expiration date of use

Lenses with an expired date of use may become dirty, damaged, or scratched. 
If you wear such lenses, it will scratch your cornea and cause a variety of eye diseases. 
Before wearing it, please make sure you do not feel any foreign body sensation and that the expiration date is not passed in order for you to be able to wear clean contact lenses making you feel comfortable and safe.