About the use of contact lenses


If you touch the contact lenses with a dirty hand after putting makeup, the makeup (like the foundation) remaining on your hand will stain the lens. It is better to wear contact lenses before putting makeup to avoid making the lenses dirty. However, when applying mascara or eyeliner, please do not accidentally attach the cosmetic to the contact lenses. If cosmetics are in your eyes, remove the contact lenses and wash it without rubbing.

In addition, when you want to remove your makeup, it is better to remove the contact lenses first. If not, the makeup cleansing may enter your eyes from the eye clearance and make the contact lenses dirty. If you use contact lenses that require special care, please remove the contact lenses before you remove the makeup.



There are many reasons to cause eye dryness, such as air dryness, decrease in the number of blinks, prolonged use of contact lenses, dry eye problem, etc. 
Eye dryness can cause not only eye problems but also eye strain. Please keep your eyes moist to prevent eyes troubles.


  • Please take a break and leave the computer screen (about 15 minutes) during your desk work.
  • Use eyes drops. *If you are wearing soft contact lenses, please use eyes drops described as "can be used when using soft contact lenses", such as artificial tears.
  • Consciously increase the number of blinks
  • Use a humidifier to keep air moist
  • Warm your eyes