Care of contact lenses


Depending on the type of the contact lenses you use, there are various methods to take good care of them.

In the case of soft contact lenses, one-day disposable type cannot be worn again after it has been removed from the eyes, so be sure to throw it after use.
Two-week exchange type and one-month replacement type require daily care. 
If you do not take good care of your contact lenses, the dirt on them may cause eye diseases, so please make sure to take good care of your contact lenses.


This is a product to take care of your contact lenses that can perform all processes with only one liquid: washing, rinsing, storing and disinfecting. 
If the rubbing time is not enough, the disinfection will be insufficient, so be sure to clean the contact lenses carefully according to the guide attached with each care product.

For the right method to take care of your lenses, please read carefully the document attached to the care product.