Catch light lenses

About OvE

Bright, yet discreet. Glossy and classy.

Mastering the art of subtlety, OvE’s design mixes colors and patterns to maximize the light reflected in the eye. 

Stand out in style with OvE Catch Light Lenses.

What is “Catch Light”?

Inspired by the bounce effect of light reflectors on a model’s eyes during photo shoots,

Japanese celebrity makeup artist Akemi Nakano developed the concept of “Catch Light” contact lenses.

OvE’s carefully selected range of natural-looking colors are organized in five innovative patterns that magnify the light reflected by the lens, producing eyes that spark beauty from the inside.

OvE Collections

With five different designs, OvE Catchlight Lenses allow you to potentiate your look according to situation and mood.

From 1 to 5, which OvE do you want to be today?

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Bring the light & moisture to your eyes

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Bring the light & moisture to your eyes