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About private import

  • Private import

Japan Contact Lens is managed by ANW Co., Ltd. If you are purchasing our products from outside Japan, it is considered as private import.

 Private import means a purchase in order to use privately the products sold outside of your country. It belongs to your responsibility to import the product. Moreover, you cannot give and sell these products to other people.

Since medical problems derived from the product become the customer's risk, be sure to purchase it based on a doctor's prescription. After you have fully understood this point, please purchase our contact lenses. 

  • Customers who purchase our products outside of Japan

If the product price exceeds the duty-free price, you may have to pay tax and customs fees when the product arrives at your place. Please contact your country’s customs authorities for more details.

You can check about each country’s customs below.
JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) 

  • Contact information on customs


Korea Customs Service


Royal Malaysian Customs Department


Australian Customs Service


New Zealand Customs Service