1 Day (10 lenses)
¥1,760 JPY

Add more than just color to your eyes.
Transform your eye's color/texture/outline, matching with your fashion and makeup.

Enigmatic look with a moisturized texture.Translucent color composition, like a watercolor painting. The mix of lavender and blue-gray enhance the beauty of your eyes.

  • Duration of use: Single use (one-time disposable)
  • Number of lenses (1 box): 10 lenses per box
  • Diameter (DIA): 14.2 mm
  • Graphic diameter: 13.2mm
  • BC (Base curve): 8.6mm
  • Water content: 38.0%
  • Prescription: ±0.00~ -10.00
  • Distributor: ANW Co.,Ltd.
  • Approval number: 22900BZX00215000